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MAYON Electronic Technology Co Ltd – a professional manufacturer of security and surveillance products established in 1999 and located in Zhuhai city, China.

MAYON are always committed design and produce high-quality and cost-effective security and surveillance products, including Digital Wireless Kit, DVR & Monitor Kit, LCD DVR combo, Professional LCD monitor, CCTV cameras, Digital Video Recorder, etc. As a company paying close attention to the market trends and innovation of products, MAYON will continue to diversify products category and present more DIY Surveillance Kit, Wireless Series and IP Camera for home and business security.

MAYON products all are CE, FCC and UL certified and RoHS compliant, and the production is under-controlled by ISO9001 quality management system. Today MAYON has been a reliable supplier with 10-plus years OEM/ODM experience enjoyed by over 100 customers from America, Europe, Australia and Asia. MAYON always focus on your profit margin and support you with more quick delivery and cost-effective products to win the market share.

MAYON - your reliable and trustable security & surveillance products partner in China, Thanks for visiting our website, please contact us by e-mail or phone anywhere, anytime.

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