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    Operating system:Embedded linux operating system


    Video input:4 Channels x 1080P, Pure wireless camera


    LCD capacitive screen:

    Size: 7 Inches touch screen

    Resolution: 1024x600

    Support touch screen operation


    Audio input  

    Audio input:Built-in mic-phone ,Support voice intercom with IPC


    Audio output

    Audio output :Support speaker output (built-in speaker)


    Video coding parameters

    Video compression standard:Standard H.264, H265

    Video and playback performance :4-Channel 1080P video 1 channel 1080P playback

    Video bit rate :256 Kbps -- 3.0 Mbps

    Dual code stream:Support

    Audio compression standard:AAC


    Video management

    Video mode:PIR motion detection recording, Automatic overlay loop recording


    Storage method

    Video storage method:TF card recording storage


    External interface

    Battery switch:Select the power supply to NVR by built-in battery or DC jact.

    USB interface:1 USB 2.0 interface (supports USB flash drive upgrade, and mouse)

    2.4G dual WIFI interface:Support IPC code and connection, and wireless Internet access

    TF card holder:Maximum support 128G



    Power supply:DC 5V 2.5A

    Power consumption:≤8.0W

    Working temperature:-10--50

    Machine size :191*123*31.5mm

    Machine weight:≤500g


    Camera Specification

    Video compress stander:H.265 Main Profile

    Wireless 802.11b/g/n

    Video resolution:1920x10801080P640x480P

    Code steam:

    [email protected] main stream
    [email protected] sub stream




    Working temperature/moisture:-20℃ - 50℃ / 20% - 80 %

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